The Tao of Team D and Friends.

Now that you have ventured this far into the site, you’re probably sitting there wondering just what in the name of all that’s holy is Team D? Where did it originate…or for that matter why did it originate. Quite frankly we continuously keep asking ourselves the same freaking thing…

You see, Team D started as a hoax. A farce. Team D originated out of a weekend retreat that heralded the creation of the flashers. Looking back upon it now, that weekend retreat was the start, the beginning. That’s where we shall begin this journey….cause before that weekend retreat there was nothing, nada, zilch. It was like there were people standing here and people standing there and some were just standing all around. It was one big chaotic mess. Then the magic of the retreat happened. It was just like going to summer camp as a kid…and you create friendships that last a lifetime. That weekend was the start of something big. The start of a brotherhood. The beginning of the end.

Originally, Team D started out as two guys just being loud and obnoxious and trying to create some colorful entertainment. And that’s all it was. David and David. Team D.

But, Team D wasn’t really just about David and David. It was about more than that. It was about friendships. Team D wasn’t an excludable frat club, but rather an inclusive brotherhood. Thus, the evolution of Team D begins. And Team D soon after became known as Team D and Spanky. Then, after the 1st campout we became The Team D and Spanky Show, guest-starring Puddin. And well, for fear of having this mile long name – and for simplicity – we creatively named it for what it was. Team D and Friends.

And so, a broken finger, couple of marriages, a stolen car stereo (or 2) and many other countless adventures later, that’s what is today. Team D and Friends. A long lasting brotherhood. The beginning of never ending journey. And as we like to put it – something to tell the grandkids about.

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